Values Leaders

The Values Leaders are a team of trained peer mediators who assist the work of teachers and playtime supervisors in maintaining positive relationships between pupils during play and lunchtimes. At all times, we are guided by our school living values: love, kindness, respect, honesty and equality. We aim to help children who have had difficulties during playtimes and to restore our values if they are broken.

Difficulties could involve fallings out with friends, being left out of games or involve situations where children are unhappy because they feel something is unfair. In these situations we provide peer mediation, where we guide disputants through a structured process where both express their feelings and points of view. We can then work together to find a mutually agreed solution to the problem.

Before we begin a mediation, we make a promise:

  • We will not take sides.
  • We will not tell you what to do.
  • We will keep things private but if we are worried about someone’s safety, then we will pass it on to the Peer Mediation Link Teacher.
  • If we need some help we will ask the Peer Mediation Link Teacher to help us.

We also have some mediation rules:

  • Talk one at a time.
  • Be polite and do note say something on purpose to upset the other person.
  • Talk about your problem but do not blame the other person.
  • Be honest and tell the truth.

The mediation involves 5 steps

  1. Introduction and ground rules
  2. Listening to the problem and feelings
  3. Acknowledging the other person’s feelings and point of view
  4. Finding solutions
  5. Making an agreement

We are supported by our Peer Mediator Link Teacher, Miss Binnie, who has received peer mediation training through the Cambridgeshire PSHE service. Young people can find the Values Leaders on the playground at Break and Lunch in “Hi-Viz” jackets or through Miss Binnie.

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