School Council

Learning about Democracy in Britain through leadership

The school council has been running since 2001 and our achievements have grown each year. At the meetings we decide what we can do to improve the school. We don’t just decide ourselves what to do, our class mates put their ideas down too through questionnaires, surveys and class discussions.

To decide on the class representative we hold elections and different people receive different votes and they are different people each year. We also vote for a chair person, vice-chairperson, secretary and treasurer each year. We hope to improve the school even more and make it a better and more enjoyable environment.

Our big project last year was to create a new approach to play on the playground at Break and Lunch. Part of this work involved talking with our classes about ideas to improve the playground, attending meetings with the mid-day supervisors, working with the school business manager to buy new equipment for the playground, creating a rota of young people to look after the new equipment and lead assemblies to let the school know about the changes we’ve introduced.