School Meals

Healthy Eating and Home Cooked School Meals

We pride ourselves on freshly cooked high quality school meals cooked by Chef and her two team members, all of whom love cooking (and eating) good food. We see Lunchtime as another lesson for the children starting with encouraging “Please” and “Thank You” all the way through making good food choices and avoiding waste.

Our dining service has been awarded the Local and National Healthy Schools Award and has even been recognised by the BBC as an Outstanding provider when they visited to film Chef and the team for CBBC.

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In keeping with our “home cooked” approach, we welcome the challenge of “fussy eaters” – Chef is willing to cook any healthy option that parents offer in order to support individual children. Similarly, we welcome parents, carers and other members of the family to eat with the children during Lunchtime.

Along with encouraging visits from family, we have a range of special events during the Lunchtime such as birthday tables for children (contact the office to find out how to book a table for a child), Mothers and Fathers day celebrations and festivities such as Christmas lunch, Chinese New Year and Divali.

All Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children are entitled to FREE school meals without any need to register for the service. Given that the food is so good and healthy, this is a brilliant opportunity for Bar Hill families.

For families of children in Years 3 – 6, there is also the possibility for free school meals depending on family finance. Along with receiving free school meals, these children will also receive an extra £1300 of funding each year for six years that can be used towards the child’s education. Parents and carers that would like the benefit of free school meals should contact the front office for an application form.

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