Pupil Premium

At Bar Hill school we take our pupil premium expenditure very seriously with the understanding that the extra money we receive is intended to transform the life chances of our children. Our underlying principle for pupil premium spending is to ensure that the money spent pushes the children towards achieving at least the minimum national GCSE expectation (currently 5 C grades including English and Maths along with achievement of the EBac). Our determination, effort and expenditure for these children, however, doesn’t stop until we secure Mastery in all subjects.

Our pupil premium grant for the academic year 2016/2017 was: £37,700

Our pupil premium expenditure total for the academic year 2015/2016 was: £29,962 with a carry forward from the previous academic year and the new financial year of £10,365 making the total expenditure: £40,327

This money was spent on:

First class number, small group work during lessons, small group Maths interventions during and after the school day.

Precision teaching, priority reading groups, FFT, comprehension groups, ERT, Switch On, BRP, phonics groups, Word Wasp, small group RWS interventions, one-to-one reading, FA and National Literacy Trust reading group

Write from the Start, sentence structure/sentence writing small groups, grammar and punctuation small groups, Clicker 6 in small groups, Word Wasp, spelling small groups,
Along with intervention and small group work we also spent on: Marlborough family support group led by the Educational Psychologist and professional family worker, social skills groups, preferential staffing in Years 1, 2, 5 and 6, funding towards trips, school uniform.

Our pupil premium results for 2016/2017:
The table below shows the percentage of children who achieved age related expectation by the end of the academic year or above:

* 14% of pupil premium children in Years 3 and 4 either have an Educational Health Care Plan for special educational need or are in process to receive one.