Academic Results

At Bar Hill School we pride ourselves in developing powerful learners who achieve at the highest levels in Cambridgeshire and in the country.

We are particularly pleased with our results this year as they confirm that teachers understand the rigour of the new national curriculum and have successfully developed new approaches to teaching that match the new curriculum.

Provisional EYFS Outcomes




Provisional Summary of KS1 outcomes

Provisional Summary of KS2 outcomes


School Data Dashboard (Ofsted)

School & College Performance Tables (Department of Education)

Whole School Targets 2017-18

OBJECTIVE 1: Pupil Outcomes
Improve the quality of teaching and enrichment to develop learning for greater depth.

OBJECTIVE 2: Pupil Outcomes
Improve the quality of teaching, intervention and parent engagement of those on the cusp of ARE and GD , including pupil premium children)

OBJECTIVE 3: Personal Development, behaviour and welfare
Pupils are fully involved in their learning and are self-regulatory in their behaviour.

OBJECTIVE 4: Personal Development, Behaviour, and welfare
Develop our response to calls for support by parents and children when faced with negative behaviour and bullying so that children are safe and feel safe and parents feel that their children are safe.

OBJECTIVE 5: Personal Development, Behaviour and welfare
Develop our strategies to manage extreme behaviour more effectively so that children are safe and feel safe and parents feel that their children are safe.

OBJECTIVE 6: Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Develop more holistic curriculum, including foundation subjects, and assessment including greater rigour in assessment across the curriculum.

OBJECTIVE 7: Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Develop the teaching of Art, Design/Technology, Music in order to widen and enrich the curriculum and secure Artsmark Award.

OBJECTIVE 8: Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Improve the efficiency of TA practices in order to secure equal or better progress from allocated children (including non-EHCP children)

OBJECTIVE 9: Leadership
Develop an approach to appraisal and CPD that unlocks training with greater efficiency as needs arise throughout the academic year.

OBJECTIVE 10: Leadership and Management
Strengthen the effectiveness of leadership and management by developing the quality of middle/subject leaders so that they effectively and precisely improve their area of responsibility