Diversity and our school values of Love, Honesty, Kindness, Respect and Equality

Among the many exceptional characteristics of the school is our diverse community. At Bar Hill School the children flourish in a community with 27 different languages and families from all over the world.

The governors and staff at Bar Hill Primary School recognise the positive contribution of the cultural and ethnic diversity present in the school and in society as a whole and oppose any form of racism. Our aim is to provide the best possible education according to individual need in a concerned and caring environment.

As partners in the education of our children staff, parents and governors fully appreciate the special responsibility they have to help all children develop values and attitudes which are appropriate for the multi-cultural society in which they live and to participate as members of a community. Our ultimate aim is to ensure equal value and respect to all cultures. We are proud that our children come from diverse backgrounds and are part of the global community.

We do not tolerate racist, homophobic or sexist incidents and will always help children be proactive in implementing our school value for equality.

We investigate, action and record any racist incidents which is reported termly to the Local Authority.