Academy Status

We have received confirmation from the Regional Schools Commissioner and the Head Teacher Board that Bar Hill School will be allowed to convert to become an academy and join CMAT.  The conversion process is now underway and we have a conversion date of 1st June 2018 or thereafter.

This is an exciting time for the school as we work towards formalising our relationship with Swavesey Village College and CMAT. Our main thinking is the recognition that Swavesey Village College is Bar Hill's local secondary school where the overwhelming majority of our children study after Year 6.  As governors, we believe that the children will benefit from an "all-through" education formed out of a closer relationship between Bar Hill School and Swavesey Village College within CMAT.  We already have a strong relationship with Swavesey and anticipate a closer bond would bring even more impressive opportunities for Bar Hill children, for example, the development of a deeper and even more exciting curriculum using Swavesey teaching staff and resources.

We believe that there are many advantages to Bar Hill School becoming part of CMAT.  Along with benefiting from the opportunities that come from closer links with Swavesey Village College, the school would also benefit from increased buying power as well as access to some of CMATs wider resources such as ICT support and estate management.  At one time such resources and services would have been provided by the Local Authority, but this is no longer the case.

Whilst the consultation process is closed, we still welcome your feedback. Parents/carers, staff and members of the local community can still send feedback using the form or by sending an e-mail to .

Yours sincerely

Jim Lay
Chair of Governors

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