Performing Arts

Drama, Singing and Instrumental lessons

At Bar Hill School we encourage risk taking and having the young people “put themselves out there” by offering a range of performance opportunities supported by curricular and extra-curricular opportunities.

In order to develop greater self-awareness and skills of personal reflection and teamwork we offer Drama in Years 5 and 6. These lessons have proven to be very popular and enhance an impressive wider curriculum. They also have contributed towards the very high standards of our regular dramatic performances throughout the year.

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Music is also an important way for young people to learn self-confidence, disciplined study and leadership. Over the last two years we have more than doubled our Music provision in the number of young people taking music lessons and added two extra instruments, the saxophone and violin, alongside the very popular piano and guitar. In line with our ethos of leadership, we have our young musicians perform in assembly and regular concerts.

Along with Music lessons, we have regular singing assemblies during which the children enjoy singing in parts/harmony led by a trained musician and have singing competitions, such as the House singing competition and auditions for the Christmas Lessons and Carols Concert.

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Please contact the teachers directly if you have any enquiries or would like to book lessons.

Guitar Lessons

Dan Wilde of Frets Guitar Tuition is now offering lessons to all students at Bar Hill Primary School. Dan is an experienced musician and has been teaching both privately and in schools and colleges for the past 11 years. As a resident of Bar Hill he is offering special rates to students at the school.

For more information about his approach to teaching please visit and should you wish to book some lessons for your child email: .

Rates for lessons are as follows

  • £8 for 20 minutes
  • £12 for 30 minutes

Piano Lessons

These are held on Fridays during the school day. The teacher is Ben Goodall.


Saxophone Lessons

These will be starting in a couple of weeks and the lessons can be during the school day or after school. The teacher is Stephen Achilleos.