Welcome to a new year in Middles. We all hope that you have had a great Summer! This year the Middles teaching team is Mr Hawkins, Mrs Morris and Mrs Taylor.

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Spring Term

January 14th, 2015

Welcome to the Middles Spring term! We are now back in the school building, and enjoying being back in our ‘old’ classrooms, all nicely redecorated and ready for us to make a great start to 2015!

This half term our topic is “Stone To Iron”, which covers Britain from the stone age through to the Romans. The first half of Spring Term will be covering Stone to Iron age, and after the half term break, we will be looking at Romans!

In History/topic, we’ll be finding out about:
– Life in the stone age, bronze age and Iron age, before moving on to life in Roman Britian.

In Science, we will be:
– looking at rocks and fossils, examining and identifying different types of rock, talking about rock formation and type (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic), and exploring what fossils are and how they form.

We will also be preparing for the middles Easter concert, which will follow our history theme!

Please contact us if you have any questions or queries regarding your child’s education.


Due to parental concerns about certain outsides areas of the school becoming crowded at the end of the school day, we have altered our collection arrangements.

All pupils from Middles will now be collected from the playground, rather than from outside the Middles door. The only schools gates to be opened for collection are the large playground gates near the bike sheds, and the gate near the Reception classes. Parents from middles are asked to use the gate onto the playground, and not walk through the Reception outdoor area. If you need to collect pupils from both areas, please walk around the outside of the school to get from one area to the other.

We will be reminding pupils of these arrangements regularly, and reminding them that if they ever find themselves unable to find their parents or carers, to go to the office and speak to the office staff, or find a member of the teaching staff and ask for help.

Thank you!

Spring Term Timetables

January 14th, 2015

Class 7 Timetable Spring 2015

Class 8 Timetable Spring 2015

Curriculum Plan – 2014

September 20th, 2014

An overview of our long term curriculum plan for the Middles is now available for download:

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