School Contacts

Class Teachers / Teaching Assistants

All day-to-day queries/concerns should always be communicated with the class teacher in the first instance. If the teacher is otherwise engaged, please inform the Teaching Assistant (TA) of your need to communicate with the teacher so that he/she can get back to you at his / her earliest convenience. If it is an emergency which involves the safety / health / welfare of your child, please inform Dr Mistrano or the Deputy Head, Mrs Tabram.


Dr Mistrano may be contacted via telephone or in writing and will reply, within three working days.  If your immediate query or concern persists for a variety of reasons, then please either book an appointment to see the Headteacher through the school office or ask if he is free that morning. Booked appointments will always take priority unless it is an emergency. In the latter case please inform the School Secretary.

Parents see the Headteacher for a variety of other reasons; pupil progress, behaviour issues or for information on personal family situations including house / school moves. It is always helpful to understand the child’s needs within the family context. Some parents express their appreciation for the work we are doing. These visits are equally appreciated.

Deputy Headteacher

If the Headteacher is away from school, Mrs Tabram will deal with your concerns in an emergency.

Mrs Tabram does have non-contact cover, which varies on a weekly basis, but if she is teaching her class, please note that her class commitment is her first priority.

On the occasions when the Head is away from school the Deputy Head can deal with queries and concerns at the end of the school day or before 8:30am in the morning. All concerns should be addressed through the school office who will communicate with Mrs Tabram. 

Office Team

  • Mrs Emily Lewney (School Secretary) – 01954 273305
  • Mrs Jayne Bacon (Finance Secretary) – 01954 273305
  • Mrs Jenny Dedman (Admin Officer) – 01954 273305
  • Fax:  01954 273306

If your child is ill during the school day, one of the school’s admin team, dinner supervisor, the class TA or class teacher will contact you either to collect your child or to ask your advice. Sometimes a child visits the sick bay complaining of an illness when, in fact, they are concerned about something which has happened either at school or at home. On these occasions we may ring you to ask for your advice.

Queries regarding school dinner money, trip money, photograph payment etc. should be addressed to the school office although payment should normally be made via the child’s class teacher so that a receipt can be issued.

Senior Midday Supervisor

Any queries/concerns about incidents which occur at lunchtime can be communicated to the Head through the school office.

Parent Governors

Elected parents are Jo Montgomery (also chair of the governors), Katherine Edwards and Martin Murphy. These are joined by two more parents, Sudipta Chatterjee and Andy Pellew who are co-opted members of the governing body.

If the school personnel have not dealt with a query or concern to your satisfaction, we have a very helpful and committed board of governors who you can contact to discuss your issues further. Contact details can be obtained via the school office.

After School Club Leaders

The Playstation is an after school club which also runs during holiday times.  If you need to contact them, please phone Mrs Patsy Ostler on the Playstation’s mobile 07980 950964 (or out of hours 07921 541549).

The Playstation’s website can be found here.

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