Arrival and Departure from School

Parents are asked not to drive into the hammerhead at the end of Gladeside and in front of the school as this creates a significant hazard for other children and adults.

All reception and infant children should be accompanied by a parent or child minder who should remain with the children until they are allowed into their classroom at 8:40 – 8:45am. At 3:10pm all year 2 children should be collected from the playground and not on the footpath near the infant block. Their class teacher or a member of the support staff will accompany them to the playground. If parents are not on the playground the child will be taken back into school and must be collected from the school office.

School Security

Access to the school during the day is only via the main entrance door which is operated by the school secretary. All external doors are kept locked during the day. Children are encouraged to be vigilant and report any unknown adult in school who is not wearing a badge, to a member of staff.


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