Written communication

Fortnightly newsletters are sent home on alternate Fridays and contain information about current events, dates, new developments and celebrating achievements. In addition letters are sent home via the children giving information when particular changes to routine are necessary. The school is a registered user of ParentMail which enables us to send newsletters etc directly to nominated email addresses. Parents are strongly urged to register as subscribers to this service (at no cost). Details can be obtained from the school office or, if you prefer, simply supply the school with the email addresses you wish to register and we will complete the process for you. At the beginning of each term you will receive a letter from your child’s class teacher which will contain details of the planned project, homework and annual targets. In this letter there might also be requests for help or resources that link in with the project. Details of Discovery Detectives, an investigative research and creative project are sent out termly. You will also receive a termly School Meals newsletter which carries information about our in-house catering service.

Parent Consultations

Formal consultations are held with class teachers during the autumn and spring terms to discuss children’s progress. Sessions start in the early afternoon and run until early evening and all parents may book a 10 minute meeting. In addition, if a parent or teacher has a particular concern about a child’s progress, behaviour or other factors affecting their education additional meetings can be arranged. If your child is part of the Achievement for All project, the consultations will last up to an hour twice a year with monthly reviews.


Reports are sent home with your child during the Spring and Summer terms. These will contain a detailed account of your child’s progress in the curriculum areas. Targets are set in both curriculum and personal & social development and will be discussed with parents during consultations.

Open Evening

All parents are invited to our annual open evening which is usually held in June or July (you will be notified of the exact date in our newsletter) to look around the school and talk to both pupils and staff.

Educational Evenings

These are held to discuss the curriculum or new school initiatives during the year.

Home-School Agreement

This document details our aims and values and also outlines the responsibilities of both parents and the school. This agreement is part of the school’s wider policy on parental involvement and is reviewed every two years.


The newsletter, current menus and other information about dates and events can be found in addition to a wide range of information about the school.

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