Sport Premium

Every year the Government provides additional funding to drive sporting excellence and supplement physical education (PE) in primary schools. The spirit of the funding is to create even more British gold medals in international sporting competitions.

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At Bar Hill we have carefully spent our money since the start of the Sport Premium to train staff in delivering first class PE. This has made huge impact:

  1. We have doubled the participation of young people in sports clubs at the school.
  2. We have entered three times the number of local and regional competitions in a range of events including Football, Rugby, Netball, Cricket, Athletics and Cross Country
  3. Although all of our teams have been successful by reaching the top 30% in all competitions in our region, we have seen that the extra attention to running has led to extraordinary results including gold medals in every running competition in 2015/2016. We can confidently point to Olympic excellence in our running which started in 2014/2015.
  4. While achieving successful results, we are seeing young people developing their talent with improved results at competitions over the last two years for individual children – for example, in cross country each young person who took part in more than one competition significantly improved their place and time with each subsequent competition.
  5. Improved confidence of teaching across the PE framework and through competitions with other local schools – this is seen in significantly improved quality of lessons.
  6. Professional support for teachers resulting in improved planning, teaching and learning in PE lessons
  7. Revised scheme of work to deliver new curriculum
  8. A higher emphasis on high quality PE provision across the school
  9. Teaching assistants skilled in supporting teachers to deliver high quality PE lessons
  10. All children achieved the required standard in swimming in Key Stage 2

At no cost, we also have developed strong partnerships this year – in particular, we have established links with Cambridge United Football Club and Astra Zeneca. Together we have been working on a research project with the aim of combining the teaching of PE and Science, using teachers and football coaches. Our longterm aim is to bridge the perceived gap in the curriculum between PE and Science while also attracting more young people into the study of Science and Science research beyond GCSE.


As partners we would like to see:

  1. more exciting Science and PE lessons
  2. young people taking up Science in greater number post-16
  3. more young people pursuing research careers in Science and working with companies like Astra Zeneca.

Going forward into 2016/2017, we will continue our relationship with Swavesey Village College, our local secondary school, by maintaining a leadership presence from SVC at Bar Hill. Our aim in maintaining this link is to ensure we get an all-through sporting curriculum and extra-curricular provision to ensure Bar Hill Year 6 students continue participation and achievement in high level sport when they make their transition to SVC in Year 7.

We also aim to achieve our first PE and Sport Quality Mark as a result of our impressive strides forward in PE made with Sport Premium funding.

Bar Hill’s provision for 2016/2017 is £9,200.00

This will be spent as follows:


Expected outcomes from this year’s expenditure:

  • Secondary standards of PE leadership in a primary context in order to create Olympic quality sporting achievements across the range of sports offered at the school.
  • Expansion of the gold medal wins in running events to include other sports from the curriculum
  • Mastery level sporting achievements reaching the more able with targeted enrichment.
  • Greater enjoyment and achievement amongst those challenged by “physical literacy”
  • Successful achievement of PE and Sport Quality Mark
  • Well managed equipment in bespoke storage areas that is available with greater ease
  • Wider participation in fixtures unhindered by transport challenges

Bar Hill’s provision for 2015/2016 was £9,200.00

This was spent as follows: