Behaviour Policy

The full behaviour policy is constantly reviewed and updated.

The basis of our Behaviour Policy is the continued focus on an ethos founded in our school values: Love, Kindness, Honesty, Respect, Equality. We do not believe in children “being bad” but instead see good children making wrong choices.

In order to help young people be more aware of their choices, we use a traffic light system. Children naturally spend their day making Green choices. In order to highlight wrong choices adults will let a child know that their behaviour has entered Yellow and if this persists will enter Red.

Alongside the traffic light system, we have a range of incentives to help young people manage their behaviour positively. Our key incentive, however, comes from delivering excellent lessons within which children love learning and, therefore, maintain our school values.

In some instances, however, behaviour challenges can become repetitive or serious to the point that senior members of staff, including the Headteacher, could get involved. In such instances, parents and carers will be invited to work in partnership with the school in order to support positive behaviour and the development of good choices. This partnership may include work with professionals such as the Educational Psychologist or Specialist Teaching team along with Home/School Contracts. As a very last resort, the Headteacher has the right to introduce detentions or periods of exclusions in the case of persistent or extreme bad behaviour.

Behaviour Policy