Welcome to Bar Hill Community Primary School. Bar Hill is a school which truly values children as individuals. We have high expectations for all children in our care. We aim to provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment for all children and we are committed to providing the best education for them.

If you are considering sending your child to our school please make an appointment to visit us. The choice of school for your child is probably one of the most important decisions as a parent that you have to make. Your child’s primary school years are a life changing experience and it is crucial that they are happy and enriching and enable every child to work towards achieving their potential. We look forward to working with you in partnership for your child.

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27th of November 2015 09:34 AM Link
Just a few of the raffle prizes :-)
Tickets available at the school office.
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26th of November 2015 06:01 PM Link
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26th of November 2015 06:00 PM Link
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26th of November 2015 05:58 PM Link
Many thanks to Tim and Kyle for showing love in a big way!

Feel free to contact Tim at Girton Youth Project about graffiti art with young people.
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26th of November 2015 01:04 PM Link
25th of November 2015 08:38 PM Link
Rehearsing for Infants' Christmas production.
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24th of November 2015 09:00 PM Link
Today the whole school enjoyed the drama and music within an Opera - it was huge fun! One comment after the event: "That was the best thing at school EVER!"
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24th of November 2015 03:17 PM
Please Note:

When you phone the school you may not get through straight away. We are in touch with Virgin Media and hopefully the problem will be rectified soon.

Many thanks for your patience as we try and rectify this problem.
24th of November 2015 03:06 PM Link
The whole school were treated to an amazing performance by two opera singers and a concert pianist.

Some children even took part in the production!
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23rd of November 2015 06:13 PM Link
Thanks to the Bike It crew for leading assembly with Miss Loombe.
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23rd of November 2015 02:34 PM Link
PTA Xmas raffle is drawing closer. Get your tickets from the school office or print your own.
Prizes so far include........
Kids football party ⚽️
Beauty treatments 💅🏿
Personalised cakes 🎂
Luxury hampers 🍫🍾
Wine 🍷
Round of golf ⛳️🏌
Gym membership 🏋🏻
Plus loads more.

Any donations to go to the scoop office by Friday 4th December.
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20th of November 2015 06:15 PM Link
Thanks to Dobbies Garden Centre

Bar Hill School would like to thank Dobbies for their generous contribution of plants and material to upgrade our uppers flower beds.
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19th of November 2015 09:06 AM Link
Choir Cancelled Today

There will be no KS1 or KS2 choir today as both choir teachers are out of school today.

The School Office
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18th of November 2015 06:40 PM Link
A seminar to find solutions about ways of dealing with bullying.
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17th of November 2015 08:35 PM Link
We have sent 104 Christmas presents to children in Iraq and other areas of the world. During the same week we have raised £800 for Children in Need. An excellent show of our school value of Love.
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17th of November 2015 04:37 PM Link
Well done for collecting 104 Christmas boxes and just over £800 for Children in Need!
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17th of November 2015 01:09 PM Link
From today the office will be selling wristbands for £1.50 to support the national initiative for 'Anti-~Bullying Week'.

For more information about this initiative visit: http://www.anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk/anti-bullying-week.
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16th of November 2015 09:00 PM Link
Discussing during assembly at the start of Anti-Bullying Week why some children decide to bully and how we can prevent bullying.
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16th of November 2015 08:57 PM Link
Introducing our Buddy Bench to launch Anti-Bullying Week.
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16th of November 2015 07:06 PM Link
The school office has a lovely collection of water bottles waiting to be claimed! Do come to the office tomorrow if one of them is yours.

Also, the Christmas boxes will be collected from the school at 9.30am tomorrow morning. Many thanks to the part you have played in bringing Christmas to 82 young people this year Any remaining boxes can be delivered to the office tomorrow morning.
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